Piedmont Station Food Carts

Piedmont Station Food Carts

Everybody in Portland loves a new pod, checking out what’s new, who’s opened and what’s going on in the neighborhood! Pods are micro-restaurants aka food carts and trucks gathering in a shared spot. They bring neighborhoods closer together, bring more businesses in and make a place flourish. Pods are places where people eat and meet.

Piedmont Station Food Carts on Killingsworth and 7th, is a new pod in the King’s neighborhood just off of MLK across the post office. It used to be a gas station and it still has the old prices on the board with $1.14/gal! An Phan runs this pod and did an amazing job offering covered seating (where the pumps used to be), new pavement and all needed supplies like water, electricity and graywater disposal for the food carts.

There are currently 8 carts open with more to come (and we’re here too!!). And best of all: Laurent & Tyler, the owners of Le Tap, are serving beer and wine!

Here’s what’s on the pod (and we will update this list as soon as more carts open their windows):

Le Tap (Beer, Wine & Cider)

Le Tap

PDX Dönerländ (Turkish/German street food)

PDX Dönerländ

Taco on Fire (Mexican Grill)

Taco on Fire

The Original Halibut’s (Fish & Chips / Chowder)

The Original Halibut's

T’n’T Grillin (American/Burgers)

TnT Grillin

Anna Lee’s Kitchen (Korean BBQ)

Anna Lee's Kitchen

Ice Mama (Shaved Ice)

Saqualla's Shaved Ice

Check out Piedmont Station Food Carts on 625 NE Killingsworth, Portland!

For more information about the pod visit Piedmont Station Food Carts on Facebook or if you are a cart owner looking to get on the pod, call An Phan at 971-645-3032.

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